Lilly's first tractor job

This week Lilly has been busy cleaning out our farm at 371 FE Walker Street ready to plant flower and herb beds.  We hope to have some lovely edible flowers and herbs later in the year.  Lilly has also been given her first tractor job of mixing organic products like cow manure and old potting mix together to make lovely beds.  She loves her John Deere!

Meanwhile, our Riverview farm team has been planting strawberries. These babies will be ready in a couple of months.  They are planted into cocopeat bags with the bags watered and fertilized every hour during the day, making sure we have lovely plum berries ready for harvest.

We have also been working on Mother’s day flowers for the shop. The first of the season snapdragons were picked and will be in plentiful supply for Mother day.

 Our tomatoes and eggplant are coming on nicely.  A lot of crop work goes into growing these crops.  Currently, we are dropping strings to attach to the eggplant.  The strings are attached by a brown clip which helps the plant stand upright so that it grows towards the sun.  Tomatoes are clipped and pruned every week.  Did you know that our tomatoes are pollinated by a leaf blower every second day.  Bees don’t like coming indoors so we have to use alternative methods for pollination.